How To Eat To Lose Belly Fat (3 STAGES!)

How To Eat To Lose Belly Fat (3 STAGES!)

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Belly fat is really easy to gain but seems almost impossible to lose. You’re probably aware your diet is the key when it comes to belly fat loss. But you likely have no idea where to start to lose belly fat, let alone how to keep fat loss going for long enough to get rid of the most stubborn areas. Today, I’ll share the ultimate 3-stage belly fat diet plan and show you, in a step-by-step manner, what to eat to lose belly fat and how to keep that going until your belly fat is gone. For good.

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The first stage of the belly fat diet plan is designed to kickstart the fat loss process and keep it going until you get to about 15% body fat. Throughout this stage your hunger levels will be low, your risk of muscle loss will also be low, and physiologically it will be the easiest stage to get through. You only need to focus on 2 things: calories and protein. First, calories. Create what’s known as an “energy deficit” to start forcing your body to burn body fat for energy. You can do so by consuming less calories than your body burns every day. To find the appropriate energy deficit for your body, take your bodyweight in lbs and multiply that by anywhere from 11-13. The number you get will be a rough estimate of the amount of calories you should eat every day. To hit your goal calorie intake, focus on what’s known as “low calorie density” foods.

But before that, there is one more factor you need to pay attention to for successful belly fat loss. Although eating fewer calories than your body needs will help you lose weight, you want as much of that weight loss to be from fat rather than muscle. This is where a higher protein intake comes in. As for how much protein you should aim for, a good recommendation for relatively heavier males in this stage who are at a higher body fat is to eat 1g/cm of your height. Focus only on calories and protein, and if you’re consistent, you'll be able to get your body fat all the way down to 15%. But at this point is when you’ll likely need to refine your approach to continue getting results.

This is where Stage 2 comes in, which involves going from 15% down to 12% body fat. By this point you’ll be hungrier, your fat loss will have slowed down, and you’ll be at a slightly greater risk of muscle loss. This is where most people get stuck. There are two things that will help you overcome this to get rid of your belly fat. First, you need to get more precise with your approach. Start tracking your daily calorie intake more carefully if you haven’t.

Second, start addressing your carb and fat intake. Although healthy fats are needed in your diet, on a gram per gram basis, fats contain more than twice as many calories as carbs do. An effective approach is thus to keep your protein intake high as is, but lower your daily fat intake to the lower end of what’s recommended for general health. This is about 20-25% of your daily calorie intake. As a result, you’ll now have room to introduce more carbs into your diet. Make these two tweaks and if you’re consistent, you’ll be able to get down to around 12% body fat which will help you to lose belly fat. This is where stage 3 comes in.

This is the most difficult stage. First off, not only will you very likely have to be accurately tracking your calories everyday, you’ll also want to ensure your daily meals are making the best use of the limited calories you have. At this point your hunger levels will be the highest they’ve been. So most of your meals throughout the day will need to come from high volume foods that will help you stay full for less calories. This also means that you’ll need to be more disciplined when it comes to social events and dining out. Lastly, ask yourself if the sacrifices are worth it. While getting leaner than this will provide a bit more definition and cuts, it not only requires a lot more sacrifice, but for many people that’s when daily energy levels and strength will start to be negatively affected. So while you definitely can get to 10% body fat by pushing through with what you’ve learned, consider hanging around at a higher level of body fat first, be proud of how far you’ve come, and realize that the extra push just may not be worth it especially if you can’t maintain it.

Overall guys, the strategy when it comes to your nutrition (i.e., what to eat to lose belly fat and how to keep that going) is actually quite simple. The hard part is staying consistent with it. You have to be clear about your goals and then find what you personally enjoy and can stick to consistently.

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By: Jeremy Ethier
Title: How To Eat To Lose Belly Fat (3 STAGES!)
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