The Best Diet #shorts

The Best Diet #shorts

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March 10, 2024
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Meaningful Research + Paleoanthropological Ancestry + Common-Sense...

The Proper Human Diet, presented by a Family Physician with 20 years of clinical experience. Dr. Berry has treated over 25,000 patients during his career.

No big medical words here, just plain talk you can use to stay healthy and happy. If you like it limp-wristed and sugar-coated then you should probably look somewhere else.

I'll explain how you can use your diet and your lifestyle to get the health you want. Videos about the low-carb/ketogenic/carnivore diets, intermittent fasting, thyroid health, hormone optimization, and much more. I've declared all-out war on the epidemics of hyperinsulinemia, diabetes, and obesity currently hurting our world, and hurting your health.

Learn how to lose fat, lower your blood sugar, lower your blood pressure, optimize your hormones, and more...


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By: KenDBerryMD
Title: The Best Diet #shorts
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