The Healthiest Foods You Need in Your Diet – Dr. Berg's Expert Advice

The Healthiest Foods You Need in Your Diet – Dr. Berg's Expert Advice

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These are some of the healthiest foods to eat. Are you including them in your diet?

Vitamin U:

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The top healthiest foods:
1. Sauerkraut
1 cup = 1.9g net carbs
Top benefits of sauerkraut:
• It's high in vitamin C
• It's a good prebiotic and probiotic
• It's high in powerful phytonutrients
• It's easy to digest
• It's high in lactic acid
• It's high in vitamin K2
• It's high in vitamin U

2. Arugula
1 cup = .43g net carbs
Top benefits of arugula:
• It's high in powerful phytonutrients
• It supports liver function
• It's low in oxalates
• It's anti-inflammatory
• It's high in nitric oxide
• It's high in calcium, potassium, folate, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin K1
• It's anti-cancer

3. Salmon (wild-caught, fatty, and skin-on)
Fat to protein ratio: 1:2
Top benefits of salmon:
• It's high in selenium
• It's high in omega-3 fatty acids
• It's high in vitamin K2, zinc, and calcium

4. Cod liver (wild-caught)
Fat to protein ratio: 5:1
Top benefits of cod liver:
• It's high in omega-3 fatty acids
• It's high in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K2, iodine, and B vitamins

5. Hamburger (grass-fed, fatty, and organic)
Fat to protein ratio: 2:1
Top benefits of hamburger:
• It's easy to digest
• It's low on the insulin index
• It's a good source of amino acids
• It's a good source of available iron
• It's high in phosphorus, selenium, zinc, B12, B5, B3, B2, and B6
• It's high in carnosine
• It's high in creatine

6. Pecans
1 cup = 4g net carbs
Fat to protein ratio: 7:1
Top benefits of pecans:
• They're low on the insulin index
• They're high in zinc and copper
• They're high in vitamin B1
• They're low in oxalates
• They're high in antioxidants
• They're easy to digest

7. Extra virgin olive oil
Top benefits of extra virgin olive oil:
• It contains vitamin E and vitamin A
• It contains magnesium and potassium
• It has zero effect on insulin
• It contains powerful phytonutrients
• It supports anti-aging
• It supports and repairs mitochondria (it's anti-cancer)
• It's anti-inflammatory and may help relieve pain
• Compounds in extra-virgin olive oil may help reduce beta-amyloids
• It's anti-clotting
• It's antimicrobial
• It's retinal protective

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By: Dr. Eric Berg DC
Title: The Healthiest Foods You Need in Your Diet – Dr. Berg''s Expert Advice
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