10 Habits to Lose Weight Weight Without Diet or Exercise

10 Habits to Lose Weight Weight Without Diet or Exercise

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How to lose weight without any diets and exercise? Sometimes they don't give you the results you look for. Maybe it’s time to employ some alternative, perhaps a little weird, methods to get rid of excess weight once and for all!
What does “weird” mean? Well, how about smelling apples before meals or changing the color of your plates?! This stuff has been tested and proven to work. So if you’re interested in getting to know some unconventional weight loss tips, watch our new video!

Make a water drinking schedule 1:11
Smell green apples or bananas before your meals 2:12
Light a vanilla candle before dinner 2:57
Take pictures of your dishes 3:34
Buy some blue plates 4:15
Eat eggs for breakfast and spicy foods for lunch 4:58
Think of some challenges that will motivate you more 5:50
Sleep in a cold room 6:20
Chew slowly and thoroughly 6:57
Drink a glass of wine daily 7:36

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- Drink 2 glasses of water with lemon in the morning to wake your body up, hydrate your empty stomach, and boost metabolism.
- Whether you find this ridiculous or not, smelling foods like bananas or apples before mealtime will ease your hunger, making you eat less than you would have otherwise. This technique is scientifically proven by Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.
- This might sound absurd considering how much vanilla goes into different cakes, muffins, and puddings. But one study found that the vanilla scent works wonders when you’re trying to lose weight. It activates different chemical reactions in the brain, making you feel less hungry.
- When you’re trying to get the best shot to share on your social networking page, you can’t help but notice the details of your food. And this is perfect since it might make you stop for a second and rethink what you’re about to eat.
- If you surround yourself with the color blue, like putting up blue wallpaper or eating from blue plates, you’ll lose weight much faster. A study found that the color blue is an appetite suppressant, which means it’ll help you feel less hungry.
- It’s been proven time after time that having eggs for breakfast helps achieve faster weight loss. Not only are eggs low in calories, they’re also really filling and hold you off for a longer time.
- Try doing 10 pushups for every potato in your dinner or run up and down the stairs 5 times for every time you enjoy a candy bar.
- Yes, you can lose weight by sleeping, and it’s actually pretty easy. The trick here is that if your body is surrounded by cold, it produces more heat to warm you up, which helps you burn calories.
- It’s been proven that if it takes you longer to eat and you consume your food slowly, you’ll have an easier time losing weight.
- A glass of wine a day can help you lose weight faster. Just don’t overdo it, since the same study found that people who drank more than 2 glasses of wine daily struggled more when dieting versus those who didn’t drink at all or had just one or 2 glasses.

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Title: 10 Habits to Lose Weight Weight Without Diet or Exercise
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