10 Fat Loss Tips to Lose 10 Pounds

10 Fat Loss Tips to Lose 10 Pounds

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April 26, 2024
Fitness for Weightloss
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Do you want to know how to completely transform your body in 10 quick steps? Let's start with food and drink
Stop drinking alcohol entirely

Only eat whole foods that you can prepare at home - no ultra-processed foods at allu8h

Don't drink your calories, so no soda and also no zero-calorie drinks

Eat more protein - a bare minimum of 100g/day for women and 150g/day. Grass-fed need is the cleanest option

Avoid polyunsaturated fatty acids as much as possible, which are coincidentally found in ultra-processed foods

Let's move on to lifestyle

Go on short walks at least 3x/day

Get sunlight since vitamin D is incredibly effective at rebalancing your hormones

Switch out cardio for weight lifting

Sleep as much as you physicality can. Make this a big priority

Turn off your wifi at night since emf can dysregulate your sex hormone and increase cortisol. Look it up

And here's a bonus. Limit blue light exposure at night. Get blue-blocker glasses and use blue-blocking software on your devices.

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By: Tim Burmaster
Title: 10 Fat Loss Tips to Lose 10 Pounds
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