Update on my health and blood sugar + I messed up!

Update on my health and blood sugar + I messed up!

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Ive been living a low carb lifestyle eating healthy carbs in a controlled way for about 8 months now. I was recently eating low fat on Weight Watchers but switched to Lower carbs in order to continue weight loss and also reverse my Pre Diabetes and Insulin resistance. Many of you have asked if Im still wearing a CGM, Continuous Glucose Monitor, and how its been going. Ive also been asked about the Dietitian I was seeing. In todays video I will give you an updated and also show you what my blood sugar numbers are looking like now.

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I eat low carb living a low carb lifestyle! I used to do Weight Watchers for over 5 years however I switched over to low carb as I find it a more managable way of eating for the rest of my life. As a result of this change Ive continued to lose weight and lower my blood sugar after learning I was pre diabetic. My fat numbers are not too high and not at a keto level although some meals could be considered keto meals. Here is my low carb eating plan that I track through carb manager.
Max of 30 carbs per meals
Max of 15 carbs per snack
I do NOT count anything else
I find all the other macros fall into place if I hit at or below my low carb numbers.

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By: Barrett Pastor
Title: Update on my health and blood sugar + I messed up!
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9_Xr9wmMqU